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Learn to run onto the ball

Q. I play for a team in the UK and I seem to always over throw the ball. What am I doing wrong? It is so frustrating and players sometimes get very annoyed with me. Please help!

A. If you are over throwing you are probably anticipating where the player should be.

I was taught many decades ago and the same ruling still applies today that when you pass you should throw the ball forward of the player so this player has to run on to the ball.

If the players in your team are not doing that then you need to adjust your passing to suit each player.

As far as accuracy goes there is only one way to become 100% accurate – passing practice and plenty of it. If you can only train on your own throw the ball up against a wall. You will become very good at passing and it will strengthen your throw and increase your reflexes.

In training sessions with the rep teams regarding “where to pass” or “feeding” we don’t do any training for this. 

There is no need to for this reason:

When a team understands how to play netball the recipient of the ball will always be running on and in the correct court position. Most teams just run around chasing the ball and as a consequence passes are often wild or over thrown. Everyone is out of court position.

Playing positional netball comes back to having a coach who knows how to play netball.

As a team, you don’t pass the ball up to the goal circle, you think it up using every player. And to use every player all of you must be in position, constantly falling back after each passage of play then moving forward again. 

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