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There is no excuse for any player
over throwing the ball

There is no excuse for anyone over throwing the netball. If passing and catching are practised every ball should find it's mark. 
Never accept poor passing, there is no excuse for it. It must be practised & practised along with catching.

Ordinary players can and do become passing experts. It doesn't take talent to control a netball.

I can't count how many times I have coached players after a complete netball season who have poor passing and catching skills. In our first training session after 20 minutes of properly executed passing practice all of them are passing well.

On the court during a training game if any player I coach overthrows, she can look forward to a lap of the court.  Mind you, this punishment is done in good humour with the rest of the team cheering the player home, but, I very rarely see that player send in a dodgy pass again.
There really is no excuse!
If it happens to be the receiver who's just missed the ball, then it's she who does the lap.
Think when you're on the netball court. I don't mean about what you're going to do that night, I mean think netball. Watch where the opposition are throwing the ball so that you can anticipate the next move in your third.
No Centre should ever be caught throwing a centre pass out of court, this is unforgivable.  She has four players she can use - again I stress 'there is no excuse'.

I have seen players when they are running out of time throw the ball into a vacant space, at least then your teammates have a chance of running onto it.
If you pass to the first teammate' s bib that you see there should never be any dodgy passing. The trick is to be ready to give off and not to be caught looking for your friend to make your pass. This is a positive no-no and inevitably risks putting your teammates out of position.
Place your pass preferably so that your teammate can run onto it. Don't make it impossible for her by throwing slightly behind her because you know who'll end up with it.  

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