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Developing Strength in Passing

Going to the Gym or lifting weights does not provide improvement for strong accurate passing in netball. Gym work builds muscle or with high reps builds strength. But it is undefined strength! In other words it is a generic exercise.

For netball the key to good netball passing is rhythm, timing and lots of practice.Through proper passing technique, your muscles and ligaments will tone and strengthen naturally. 

Important: You must be acutely aware of your technique with both shoulder and bounce passes to execute them with accuracy.

As you become competent with practice your passing accuracy and distance will increase. If you don’t have a teammate or friend to practice passing, use a wall to throw the ball up against. This method will also build good reflex action.

There are no secrets, just plain old-fashioned hardwork with good technique and lots of practice, practice and more practice.  

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Courtside Tactical Play

Tactics #1
This crucial tactic will
show you how the professionals get the ball past the defenders to the goal shooters.

Please note: All players swap between being attackers and defenders depending on which team has possession of the ball. You need to know how goal shooters work the circle otherwise GA & GS will have all their own way. Tactics #2 will show you what's going on in the circle!

Tactics #2
You have got the ball to the shooters. What next? It is critical all players know how to work the goal circle to prevent a turnover.

Also learn the goal shooting technique that will have you shooting a high percentage of goals in any tough competition.

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